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Good Groundwork for Garden Sheds

We take pride in the products that we offer at Simply Sheds. They’re all Australian brands and are made to last our varying weather conditions. That’s why our manufacturers offer multiple-year warranties together with their products - they know that they’re using quality materials and systems.

But just like any other building, a shed has to have a good foundation for it to be durable. Even the best steel, concrete or timber materials wouldn’t hold up if built on substandard groundwork.  

So, what should you do before putting up those prefab shed walls and roof? These simple reminders are for you:

  • Once you’ve found a spot for your shed, make sure it’s paved or at least level, though a concrete slab is highly recommended over pavers. Skipping this part will later on give you problems such as walls or channels not aligning.
  • For a permanent structure and high-wind areas, use a concrete slab for your shed foundation. Best thing to do when laying a concrete surface is to make a rebated edge to help keep the water from pooling at the shed base.
    Recommended measurements for the concrete surface are generally stated in the shed instruction manual. For instance, the Absco Premier 3m x 2.26m Garden Shed requires a 100mm-thick concrete slab with a rebated edge that’s 25mm-deep and 75-mm wide.
  • If it isn’t reasonable for you to lay a concrete foundation (such as if you’re planning to move to another location soon), you can opt for timber flooring temporarily.
    For Absco sheds, ask us about our Timber Flooring Kit, which is made from 100% Australian renewable plantation-grown wood. The timber in each pack is pre-cut and pre-treated so you don’t have to go to the trouble of measuring, sawing and searching for the best timber treatment against pest problems.
    For Spanbilt products, we’ve got Small, Medium and Large Shed Floor Kits that you can choose from. Each kit will give your shed a steel base frame, enabling you to build even on non-level ground. It is made to work with plywood as flooring. But you can instead pack it in with road base or use it as frame for a concrete floor for a more permanent built. You can also have bolt this frame down with anchors on an existing concrete base.

Safety – right from installation to maintenance of the shed – is important, too. Try to schedule your shed-building while the weather is fine or, at least, not on a windy day. While our products are made to withstand the Aussie environment, they should be cleaned and checked regularly and especially after a cyclone or other extreme conditions.