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Zincalume Sheds: More than Just Durable

So you’re shopping for a no-frills, durable garden shed? Or maybe a sturdy workshop? We recommend our products made of Zincalume.

Zincalume is a superior type of steel sheet that’s now used as roofs and walls of outdoor structures. It is made by BlueScope Steel and used in many of our Garden Sheds and Workshops.

It may look like an ordinary iron sheet to you. But if you are looking around for a durable shed, you will find the following facts interesting and pleasantly surprising:

Zincalume is made to resist harmful elements.

BlueScope coats Zincalume with the perfect amount of aluminium, zinc and silicon to make it four times more durable than the usual galvanised iron. The complete coating protects the base from moisture and other harmful elements, especially as the steel material is used and worn throughout the years.

Zincalume is made to look good.

This steel sheet is known to be mark resistant. What does that mean? When you are working on your shed, you just hate it when your dirty, sweaty hands leave prints all over the walls and roofs, right? Zincalume’s special coating helps keep this from happening.

Zincalume sheds are cost-effective.

We carry a wide range of storage and garden sheds and garages made of Zincalume. This is because many have discovered that not only is this steel material durable. It is also cheaper to install and maintain than other types of metal.

You don’t need to paint or put on any coating once installed. And as you use it, you won’t need to perform any professional maintenance work on your shed as long as you clean it regularly. You just need to hose it down and check the roof for any debris.

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