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Large Bird Aviary


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Absco Sheds Chicken Coop - Gable Roof Pale Eucalypt 3.00mW x 2.22mD x 2.06mH Render View
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Find a large bird aviary to keep your feathered friends safe & sound

Bird enthusiasts are often on the lookout for the ideal sanctuary for their feathered friends. Large bird aviaries are always an excellent choice; unlike typical bird cages, aviaries give birds a larger living space resembling their natural habitat and can accommodate multiple birds and the accessories they need for stimulation and health.

At Simply Sheds, we stock large chicken coops and aviaries for birds of all breeds, from small birds like budgerigars to larger birds like cockatoos. Sourced from Absco Sheds, these aviaries are made of Colorbond steel and strong welded mesh panels to keep your birds safe from predators like cats and foxes.

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The benefits of investing in a large aviary from Absco Sheds

Choosing the right home for your chickens or birds is an investment in their happiness and well-being. The good news is that Absco Sheds’ large aviaries have multiple benefits for you and your pets.

Space For Multiple Birds
Good Visibility
One of the top benefits of a large bird aviary is its ability to house multiple birds. This allows bird owners to keep different species of birds in the same enclosure without worrying about space constraints.
Absco’s large chicken coops can be used as aviaries, dog kennels, catteries, and animal shelters.
The strong welded mesh and wider panels give you an excellent view of your pets from the outside. Plus, with a convenient door on the side, it’s easy to step inside and clean the aviary each day.
Easy Assembly
Long Warranties
All Absco Sheds use their patented SNAPTiTE system, allowing you to lock the parts together without the need for excess screws. They also have pre-punched holes, labelled parts, and easy-to-follow instructions via the free Absco Assembly App.
Absco Sheds’ bird enclosures come with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind about the aviary in your backyard.
These aviaries have built-in bird locks, so your birds will be protected from theft.

Whether you’re a serious bird breeder, collector, or simply a bird lover, we have a safe and sturdy home for your feathery friends. Shop large aviaries online for affordable nationwide shipping.

FAQs about Absco’s large bird aviaries

Do Absco’s aviaries come in other sizes?

Absolutely. You can opt for a small bird enclosure instead, ranging from 1.5 x 1.5 to 2m x 2m in size. Check out our small aviaries.

Do your large bird aviaries include accessories?

No. Our large bird aviaries come as-is, but installing accessories like feeders, drinkers, perches, and cleaning trays is simple enough, thanks to the versatile design.

Do I need to lay a concrete slab?

All sheds and aviaries need to be securely anchored to a level concrete slab for stability (anchors sold separately). Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to lay a concrete slab.

Can I build a large aviary by myself?

Our aviaries are designed for DIY enthusiasts like yourself, but we recommend having at least two extra sets of hands for a large aviary. Alternatively, you can find a highly recommended installation specialist in your area using the links below:

ACT Installers

NSW Installers

QLD Installers

VIC Installers

WA Installers

NT Installers

SA Installers

TAS Installers

Do I need to purchase screws and other assembly essentials?

No, our kits come with all the screws, joiners, and pop rivets required to assemble your aviary. The only extras you need are shed anchors to secure your aviary to your concrete slab.

Can my birds gnaw their way through the viewing wire?

No. We utilise a heavy gauge wire to ensure your birds are safe and sound inside their aviary.

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