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Carport Kits


Roof Type
Absco Sheds Double Carport - Skillion Roof Zinc 5.50mW x 5.50mD x 2.37mH Render View
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Absco Sheds Double Carport - Skillion Roof Monument 5.50mW x 5.50mD x 2.37mH Render View
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Absco Sheds Double Carport - Skillion Roof Zinc 5.50mW x 5.50mD x 2.37mH Render View
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SALE Free shipping

Protect your driveway and vehicle with our durable single and double carport kits

At Simply Sheds, you’ll find a carport that’s perfect for your vehicle, space and budget with fast, convenient shipping Australia-wide!

With durable Australian steel and long-lasting warranties across our entire range, you won’t need to sacrifice quality to get a great price on a carport kit. Our selection of carports are made from durable, finely finished steel that will stand up against the harsh Australian weather. They’re also easier to build and maintain than a fully enclosed structure, so you can get a good quality shelter and still save more on installation, cleaning and repair costs. 

Need some extra space for more cars? Our double carports give you enough space for two vehicles without breaking your budget. 

Unlike other carport kits, carports from Simply Sheds are made by Australian manufacturers, so you can expect the highest possible quality at a great price. Browse our range of single and double carports online and keep your vehicle secure with Simply Sheds — order now!

Skillion vs Gable roof carports: How to choose

At Simply Sheds, our carports are more than just a flat roof on four legs. Our range is available with skillion or gable roofs, so you can find the right design to complement your home or garage. Plus, we also offer a selection of different colour options to help you find the right look for your driveway.

Skillion roof carports. Skillion roofs are the easiest to build and generally the most affordable type of carport roof. In our catalogue, you can have this carport as a lean-to shed, so you can just attach it to a free exterior wall of your home or building. You can also put it up as a stand-alone structure, depending on your driveway.

Gable roof carports. Featuring a classic and functional A-shape design,  this structure lets rain and leaves naturally slide to the ground and not settle on and damage the roof.

Each carport style is over 2 metres in height and comes in different widths and lengths. Plus, they’re all made with a corrosion-resistant steel base. So if you need a tough, affordable shelter for one, two or three vehicles, we’ve got one for you! 

Don’t miss out on our exclusive deals and bestsellers – order now and score a great price on your ideal carport with Simply Sheds!

FAQs about carport kits

Will I need council approval before installing my new carport? 

Yes, you will need to submit engineering plans to the relevant local authorities before building your new carport. We recommend doing this before ordering a double or single carport from us.

For more information on getting approval from your local council, contact our friendly team.

How long will it take to build my carport?

Depending on your skill level, the estimated build time for each of our carports is around 1-2 days. Our carports require 4 people for construction, so make sure you have a few extra sets of hands before you get started. 

Do you stock carport kits made with Colorbond steel? 

Yes, we do! We stock a range of single and double carports made from durable Colorbond steel, available in a selection of stylish colours. 

Browse our range and find the right Colorbond carport for your home with Simply Sheds. Order now!

Are carports and carport sheds the same thing?

Yes! Carport sheds are another name for carports, but both names refer to the same structure. Carports are generally made with a similar type of steel as garden sheds, but each structure is different. 

Why should I choose a carport kit over a custom-designed carport?

Carport kits are more affordable and quicker to order than custom carports. Custom designs require measurements, quotes and materials to be ordered, resulting in longer wait times. While a custom design might be required for certain house designs, our range is available in a selection of sizes and dimensions suitable for most homes. 

At Simply Sheds, our range of quality products is built with durable materials designed to Australian standards. Explore our range and find the right carport kit for your property with Simply Sheds! 

Shop carport kits Australia-wide with Simply Sheds. Order now for fast delivery!