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Installation Service

Need an installer? 

Are you looking for a garden shed installer? Take a look at the below list of installers who may be able to assist with your installation and request a quote directly. Please note that Simply Sheds is in no way affiliated with any of these installers and installation costs are separate to your shed purchase.  

      DIY Installation  

      Before you start assembling your garden shed we recommend you do the following, even if you are a builder or regular DIYer. These 6 steps will help you build your shed as quickly and easy as possible.  

      1. View online Assembly Videos  
      2. Read Instruction Manual  
      3. Layout your parts before installing and checkoff using the Bill of Materials or the Parts Checklist  
      4. Ensure you are installing on level ground 
      5. Use timbers and trestles to work at waist height – it will speed up the process! 
      6. Have an extra person available, especially when joining walls and roof in the final construction phase  

                If you have purchased a Spanbilt Shed, check out the recommendations on how to assemble. 

                For Absco Sheds, check out their installation guide here or download their free Assembly App from Google Play or the App Store. 

                Need help?  

                If you have any issues or if you need further assistance with building your Spanbilt shed, please contact the Spanbilt technical manager on 1800 032 077 Monday to Friday.  

                If you need to contact Absco Sheds, you can contact them 7 days a week 8:00 am – 5:00 pm AEST on 1800 029 710