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Double Carports


Roof Type
Absco Sheds Double Carport - Skillion Roof Zinc 5.50mW x 5.50mD x 2.37mH Render View
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Absco Sheds Double Carport - Skillion Roof Monument 5.50mW x 5.50mD x 2.37mH Render View
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Easy-to-assemble double carport kits available online at Simply Sheds

Sometimes, a single carport won’t cut it, and extra space is needed to protect multiple vehicles from the elements. With this in mind, we offer simple and effective double carport kits from Absco Sheds, made from high-tensile Zincalume Steel for minimal maintenance and long-lasting performance.

Engineered with a slight slope in the roof for efficient rainwater runoff and paired with gutters and downpipes, these double carports are built for excellent protection against the Australian climate (and unexpected weather fluctuations).

Shop double carport kits online at Simply Sheds! We offer fast and free shipping for Absco Sheds’ carports.

The benefits of opting for a double carport from Absco Sheds

Protection for Two Vehicles
Weather Damage: Carports shield vehicles from harmful UV rays, which can cause paint flaking, fading, and damage interiors, as well as from precipitation that can lead to rust.

Natural Debris: They also protect from natural debris like leaves, branches, and bird droppings.
Affordability: Building a carport is less expensive than constructing a garage because it requires fewer materials and labour.

Reduced Maintenance: Maintenance is usually minimal without garage doors or complex structures.

Competitive Prices: We offer excellent prices on double carports!
Accessibility: Double carports offer easy vehicle access, especially convenient in bad weather.

Meets Australian Standards
Easy Assembly

N2 Standard: Absco double carports are engineered to meet N2 standards, meaning they can withstand wind gusts of up to 86km/h (occasionally up to 144km/h).
 Labelled Parts: All Absco Sheds carports have labelled parts for easy assembly.    SNAPTiTE: Absco Sheds assembly is easy with their patented SNAPTiTE system, pre-punched holes, step-by-step instruction manuals, and more.    App Instructions: We recommend downloading the Absco Sheds Assembly App to watch tutorial videos before starting construction.

FAQs about our range of double carports

Do I need to buy screws and other assembly accessories?

No. We provide all the components required to build your carport, including screws, joiners and pop rivets. It also comes with downpipes and gutters as a standard.

Are Absco Sheds carports tall enough for my caravan?

It depends on the scale of your caravan. The Absco carport has a front beam clearance level of 2.11m and a back beam clearance level of 2.05m in height.

How long does it take to build a double carport?

We recommend setting aside one or two days to build a double carport. We recommend downloading the Absco Sheds Assembly App to access instructions and tutorial videos.

Can I build a carport by myself?

No. At least four people are required to build a double carport due to heavy parts and logistics.

Can someone install my double carport for me?

Yes! We don’t offer installation ourselves, but various installation specialists around Australia may be able to assist with erecting the frame and completing the installation:

ACT Installers

NSW Installers

QLD Installers

VIC Installers

WA Installers

NT Installers

SA Installers

TAS Installers