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Quality pool pump covers made from durable Colorbond & Zincalume Steel

Pool ownership comes with a lot of fun in the sun, but it also comes with responsibilities and maintenance. For example, protecting the pool pump is crucial — it’s essentially the heart of your pool, keeping the water flowing and clean. Unfortunately, this pool equipment is susceptible to damage from the elements if not properly cared for.

At Simply Sheds, we stock high-quality pool pump covers from Absco Sheds, designed for long-lasting performance and protection for your pool’s most important components. Made from high-tensile strength steel (Colorbond & Zincalume), Absco pool pump sheds are the best in the business!

Shop pool pump boxes and sheds online at Simply Sheds. Free shipping is available throughout Australia.

The benefits of investing in an Absco shed for your pool pump

A well-chosen shed for your pool pump will protect the pump and enhance the overall appeal of your pool area. For example, Absco pool pump covers come in various colours like “monument” grey, “woodland grey”, “pale eucalypt”, and classic cream, designed to blend or compliment your existing pool fencing and gate hardware.

Other benefits include:

  • Durability & Strength: Colorbond & Zincalume Steel are renowned for their strength, withstanding harsh weather conditions like rain, wind, and even snow. Utilising this material, Absco’s pool pump boxes ensure your pump remains safe and operational.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Absco’s modern steel pool pump covers are treated with a corrosion-resistant coating, which prevents rust and ensures longevity. This is particularly important in the humid environment of a pool area, where moisture is always present.
  • Noise Reduction: Pool pumps can be noisy in operation. Steel covers are designed with sound-dampening features that reduce noise, making the pool area more peaceful and enjoyable.
  • Security: A steel pool pump cover prevents tampering and unauthorised access, especially when a sturdy padlock is attached. This ensures that children or pets can’t accidentally come into contact with the equipment.
  • Contemporary Designs: Absco pool pump covers are available in various colours to match your fencing and facade, and timber floor kits can be purchased online from Simply Sheds.
  • Easy Assembly: All Absco Sheds (including pool filter sheds) feature the patented SNAPTiTE system, meaning you can lock the parts together without the need for extra screws. They also come with pre-punched holes, labelled parts, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Find the ideal pool filter cover online at Simply Sheds. Afterpay is available for easy online shopping.

FAQs about Absco pool pump enclosures

What colours are available for pool pump sheds?

Absco Sheds’ pool pump covers come in various colours to match your outdoor decor. While specific colours depend on current stock, popular options often include shades of green, grey, and cream.

What roof types are available?

All our pool pump covers feature a skillion-roof design. This roof style not only provides an aesthetic appeal but also offers practical benefits like efficient water runoff.

Are there doors on Absco Sheds’ pool pump covers?

Yes, these pool pump covers are equipped with a hinged skillion roof and a single door for easy access to the pool pump for maintenance or repairs. These access points can be securely locked with a pad bolt.

Does my pool filter shed need to be installed on a concrete slab?

All our sheds and structures must be securely anchored to a concrete slab. Please double-check the description of the pool pump enclosure you’re interested in to see if it comes with anchors. If not, we offer anchors, too!

Do I need council approval to install a pool pump cover?

No, you do not need council approval or certification if you are simply installing a pool pump cover to enhance the appearance of your pool area and provide weather protection. Certification of the pool and its components, including pool fencing, is only required if you are installing a new pool or selling a home with a pool.

Are these pool sheds wall-mounted or free-standing?

Our pool covers are free-standing for absolute convenience. However, they can be installed against the wall for a neat and tidy design.

How much is shipping?

We offer free shipping nationwide! If you have any concerns about delivery or assembly, please contact us today. We offer detailed instructions to ensure the shopping and assembly process is as simple as possible.

Shop pool filter sheds online for fast and free shipping!