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Absco Sheds Ezi Storage Garden Shed - Single Door Monument 0.78mW x 0.78mD x 1.80mH Render View
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Absco Sheds Ezi Storage Garden Shed - Single Door Woodland Grey 0.78mW x 1.52mD x 1.80mH Render View
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Absco Sheds Ezi Storage Garden Shed - Single Door Zinc 0.78mW x 1.52mD x 1.80mH Render View
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Absco Sheds Spacesaver Garden Shed - Single Door Zinc 2.26mW x 0.78mD x 1.95mH Render View
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Absco Sheds Ezi Storage Garden Shed - Single Door Zinc 0.78mW x 0.78mD x 1.80mH Render View
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Absco Economy Garden Shed - Double Door Zinc 3.00mW x 0.78mD x 1.95mH Render View

Make the most of a smaller space with our narrow garden sheds!

Do you need extra storage space but need help with a small backyard or tight space? Look no further than our narrow garden sheds, a practical and efficient storage solution for small yards. At most 1.5m wide/deep, our narrow sheds fit seamlessly into narrow areas while providing ample storage space for your garden tools, equipment, and more.

Shop narrow garden sheds online for fast, affordable shipping! Look out for the blue “free shipping” tag on our products for extra savings.

The benefits of our slimline sheds

Absco Sheds are famous in Australia for their durability, strength, and versatile design options, including narrow garden sheds for small spaces. These sheds come with a range of attractive benefits, including:

  • Maximising Limited Space: Narrow sheds can fit perfectly without taking up too much room if you have a small backyard or a narrow strip of land. They are ideal for urban environments, townhouses, or properties with limited outdoor areas.

  • Versatile Storage: Despite their narrow design, you can use your narrow shed to store various items, including lawnmowers, gardening tools, bikes, sports equipment, old toys, and even seasonal decorations.

  • Easy Accessibility: Many of our slimline sheds have sliding doors, allowing easy access to your stored items. These doors can be locked for added security, ultimately protecting your things.

  • Modern Designs: With various colours and finishes available, you can choose a narrow garden shed that complements your existing landscape or matches your personal style. These sheds can blend seamlessly with your garden, becoming a stylish addition to your outdoor area.

  • Durability: Absco’s slimline garden sheds are manufactured using all-Australian high-tensile steel, making them the best option for storage in small Aussie backyards. Withstanding the elements and protecting your gear on a budget — Absco Sheds are the most affordable way to neatly store gardening equipment and power tools.

Set up a narrow garden shed and turn it into a potting shed, a bike storage hub, or a weekend workshop — the choice is yours with Simply Sheds!

The easiest garden sheds to assemble in Australia

Our narrow garden sheds are flat-packed to keep shipping costs low for our customers — but there’s no need to worry about a challenging assembly process. All Absco Sheds feature the patented SNAPTiTE assembly system, locking the parts together without the need for additional screws.

Putting together an Absco Shed is simple. All parts have pre-punched holes, labelled parts, and step-by-step instructions, as well as tutorial videos via the free Absco Assembly App!

We recommend having at least two people on hand for the build. Alternatively, if you need a hand with assembling your new shed, we can recommend installation specialists in your area.

FAQs about our range of narrow sheds

Do I need council approval for a narrow shed?

Council approval is generally not required for garden sheds below 10sqm. In our available range, our 3mx3m shed is the largest shed that does not require council approval.

Regulations can vary from council to council, so we recommend consulting them before purchasing your new shed.

Can I customise my narrow shed?

Our sheds are pre-fabricated so we can keep costs low for our customers. However, there is a range of accessories available, including windows, skylights, and floor kits! Explore our range of accessories online!

Are narrow garden sheds weather-resistant?
Yes! Absco Sheds are made from high-tensile Bluescope Steel, which is famous for its weather and corrosion resistance. We recommend purchasing a cyclone kit for added protection if you live in an area with strong winds and storms.

How can I maximise space in my slimline shed?

You can use the vertical space in your narrow garden shed by installing hooks, pegboards, or hanging racks. Hang tools, hoses, or other accessories to keep them off the floor and within reach.

Install shelves or racks along the walls to create additional storage space, and use storage bins or baskets to keep smaller items tidy and easily accessible. Label each bin or shelf to make finding items effortless.

What kind of doors will my new shed have?

Many of our narrow garden sheds come with a sliding door to help save space (hinged door sheds, for example, require additional space for door swings). With sliding doors, your shed can be tucked away in your yard or down the side of your house.

We also have a NEW range of sheds where you can choose which end your door is installed, which is particularly ideal for narrow spaces. Simply use our search bar and look for “Absco Narrow Shed”!

Where can I put a narrow shed?

These sheds fit seamlessly into tight spaces, like small gardens, courtyards, balconies, townhouses, and more. Still, we always recommend taking measurements of the area to ensure your shed will fit, including the length and width of the area (if your shed will be installed under cover, be sure to check the wall height, too).

How do I keep my slim garden shed secure?

Our slimline sheds come with a pad bolt compatible with all major padlock brands. This will securely lock your shed and keep all stored items safe from theft.

What roof styles are available?

Our narrow garden sheds are available with gable roofs, skillion roofs, and flat-top roofs, so you’re guaranteed to find a sleek and functional design to suit your property. Gable roof sheds are a popular choice as they’re easy to keep clean, as rain and debris simply wash away.

Do narrow garden sheds need to be anchored to the ground?

As a rule, all garden sheds (regardless of size) need to be anchored to a concrete slab to ensure stability. Shed anchors are available for purchase online — all other fittings are supplied, including screws, joiners, and pop rivets.

Can I buy a slimline garden shed on Afterpay?

Absolutely. We offer various payment options to ensure everyone can purchase their dream shed, including Zippay and Afterpay.

Traditional payment options include Mastercard and VISA, bank deposits, and money orders.

Purchase a narrow garden shed online for free shipping Australia-wide!