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Colorbond Steel: 3 Reasons Why It's Ideal for Sheds

Browse our most popular products and you will see the various types, designs and sizes of our Colorbond Steel Sheds.

But what exactly is Colorbond? And why is it popular? It is a brand of galvanised iron sheet produced by BlueScope Steel. This innovation by the Australian steel company is made durable inside and out. It comes with colour paint bonded on the material itself. It is considered in the building business as one of the latest excellent construction materials for garden sheds and garages and even for roofs of houses.

Here are three great things about sheds with Colorbond materials:


Most of our locations are known to have extreme weather conditions. And Colorbond steel is engineered to last in these diverse environments – may it be rain, heat or even pests.

Its steel base is Zincalume, which is also made by BlueScope. It features a special coating that makes it resistant to moisture and other external elements that can easily destroy regular steel. The finish also helps minimise the appearance of handprints or other unsightly marks on the surface. In fact, Zincalume is also used as is – without any paint. (Read our article about Zincalume Sheds)

But for those who would want colour on their sheds and garages, Zincalume is painted using their own baking process to produce Colorbond. The procedure helps minimise fading, chipping or cracking.

Solar Reflection

Colorbond also has solar reflective properties. It deflects most of the heat and other harmful effects of direct sunlight. So whether it’s a garden shed or a garage, you can be sure that whatever you’re storing in it – mower, shovel, seeds, cars, bikes, etc. – will be kept secure and in good condition. And all the more if it’s a workshop: it won’t be so hot in there, unlike your usual metal shed.


Our sheds in Colorbond come in colours that can easily match backyards. It keeps your painting and maintenance costs and effort to a minimum, too. You just need to put up the walls and will not need to bother about painting. As you use the shed, you just need to hose it down regularly and just make sure that the roof is clean of any debris. No need to repaint or do any major maintenance work.

Remember that we’ve got Garden Sheds, Garages, Patio Awnings and even Aviaries made of Colorbond. Depending on the model, you will find them in different hues. So browse our wide selection of these lovely sheds today.