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Gable or Skillion Roof: Which to Choose for Your Shed?

Here are at Simply Sheds, we have a wide range of outdoor buildings that come in a variety of designs and dimensions to choose from. To help you start trimming down your options, let’s talk about the two popular roof styles you’ll come across – gable and skillion.

So you want a shed for your backyard. Now, at least, think of your purpose and location. Think of why you want a shed – what you’ll do with it, what you’ll put in it, etc. Then look at where you’ll put it, especially the size. Then see these pros and cons of the two roof designs.

Gable Roof

It’s what makes that classic shape of a house almost anywhere in the world – the triangle or the letter ‘A’. Like a universal symbol. The gable is formed with two equal surfaces that come together at a ridge, making sloping sides.


  • It makes for a more durable structure. Why? Because its sloping sides prevent snow, water or other debris from staying on your roof.
  • It is easier to build compared to other roof shapes, except for the skillion.
  • It often helps in having a more ventilated interior.
  • It gives you a little bit more room as compared to a flat roof.
  • It generally gives a more homey appearance to the backyard because of the classic A shape.

Skillion Roof

You will notice that this roof shape is now a choice for most modern builders or designers, because it fits perfectly the minimalist form. But it’s actually the original shed roof. It was what the early settlers use to make an extended shelter attached to the house.


  • Like the gable roof, it also helps any debris just naturally slide off to the ground. So you won’t have to guess if there’s something pooling on top of your shed every time.
  • It is just one panel of roofing material. So it’s generally cheaper even against gable roofs.
  • It can enhance the contemporary style of a backyard.

Take note that both our gable and skillion sheds here at Simply Sheds are designed with the right pitch/angle. Because if they’re too steep, the shed just won’t hold in high-wind areas.

And if you do live in a place experiencing extreme weather conditions, you should also ask us about our Cyclone Kit that upgrades the wind rating of most of our Garden Sheds.

See our complete collection of Gable and Skillion Sheds today!