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How to choose a garden shed for the Aussie home

SimplySheds Easy 3 Step Garden Shed Selection Guide

Step 1 - Select Your Size

This is without a doubt the most important step in this process.

There is nothing worse than ordering your garden shed only to realise that you could have gone for a bigger size (which means you would have more storage space!) or worse, the size you have ordered, is just that little bit too big to fit.

The best way to do it? The old fashion way with a tape measure!

Do you know exactly where your garden shed will go?

If you know where your shed is going (whether it's an existing slab or just a cleared-out space in your garage), it should be fairly easy to get the exact measurements.  Just measure the width, the depth, and the height (if it is outside this usually is not an issue) and you're good to go!

If you haven't yet picked out a place or have a "rough idea" we highly recommend that you take the time to measure out the space exactly before going any further.  This will save you a tonne of headache in the future.  We've sold more than 20,000 garden sheds in Australia, and this is still our #1 request we get from customers.  Take the time to measure.

Step 2 - Select How Many Doors You Need

Some people would say the roof is the next step, but in our experience, the practicality of getting in and out, and actually using your shed is more important to most people.

Now, since the sheds we sell are all in kit form, not all sizes have more than 1 door.  The smaller the shed, the less likely you have an option here.

However, for most sheds that are more than 3 metres in width, you'll get to choose between 1 door or 2 doors (sometimes you'll also get to choose hinged doors or sliding doors)

Do I need 1 door or 2 (or 3 if it's bigger?)

Our rule of thumb is this. If you are going to be working/using your garden shed a lot, get a double (or triple) door.  This will give you more access, cause less hassles, and allow you to "grow into" your garden shed. There is nothing worse than your lawn mower breaking down, going out and getting a new, different brand, only to find that the sucker doesn't fit through the doors!  Better safe than sorry!

Step 3 - Select Your Colour

What colour you choose is up to personal preference. With that said, if you've got a nice Woodland Grey Colorbond fence, we wouldn't really recommend you go for Zinc or Pale Eucalypt.

For most of our sheds, we have a limit on the colours we can offer (this is why we can keep our prices low!), with that said, the colours we do offer cover over 80% of the colours used within the building industry.

Once you have chosen your colour, you are finished! That is it!

Once you have followed those 3 steps, you're now ready to pick the perfect addition for your home.  If you need a hand with anything like this, are unsure what size will sure, or just need someone to walk you through the steps, we are more than happy to help, give us a call on 1300 66 77 48, or keep browsing through our range of garden sheds.