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Spring Cleaning Reminders

It’s springtime! And you just love this time of the year.

Flowers are blooming. Fine weather is almost everywhere. And most home and garden buffs like you look forward to spring cleaning and makeovers during this season.

But are you having a hard time deciding where or how to start? Or are you getting tired of the whole cleaning thing, because you just seem to collect the same piles of garbage the rest of the year?

We’ve got some reminders that can encourage you to do it now and better than ever.

Sort your stuff.

And this means ALL your stuff – everything you’ve got in your closets, shelves, drawers, etc. Most people just categorise the items according to those they’ll throw, give away and keep. But you should also think of where to best place your clothes, food, furniture and everything else.

You might realise that you weren’t using one item more than you should have only because you’ve hidden it from yourself. And perhaps, it’s become too much of a hassle just to bring it out.

Take storing to the next level.

Don’t just put back the things you want to keep in their old places. Maybe you need to keep them in more accessible, sensible spots.

For instance, you might just need to put up a proper closet, so you can easily grab one of those nice jackets in your collection. In your backyard, don’t neglect your cleaning materials or gardening equipment. You can organise them in a shed that’s just the right size for your tools. Just take a look at our ABSCO Ezislim a compact shed that’s recommended for limited spaces.

Donate and do good to yourself and to others, too.

This goes for clothes, books, toys or anything else that can still be used but you haven’t actually used for maybe over a year. Set other criteria in determining which ones to keep – and stick with it!

It won’t only help clean your home, but will also help boost that generous spirit in you. This practice can even help you avoid hoarding and having to clean out a lot of junk every year.

Use some sense, system and even style.

Jars and airtight containers usually store food much better and they also look nicer when compared to plastic packs and cardboard boxes. Choose designs and colours that will suit your interior. This is a great example on how you can make a space cleaner and prettier.

Don’t delay.

The last but definitely a most important thing to say to yourself. This one’s a must especially when it’s about throwing or giving away an item. Don’t let it sit one minute more in your territory. Otherwise, you’ll just end up keeping them again, suddenly remembering a certain sentimental value that goes with it. And so the cycle would continue.

We at Simply Sheds love to help you have a more organised living. See more of our storage solutions, such as our 1.5-Metre Sheds, which can easily fit in almost all houses today.