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What's included in my ABSCO Garden Shed?

Absco Sheds is an Australian brand known for its products made of superior steel materials and using its patented SNAPTiTE assembly system. Their garden sheds are our most popular products today.

When you browse through our site, you’ll notice that the brand has a smart range of sheds in terms of sizes, colours and designs. You’ll surely find the one that you need – whether you need a small storage option to fit a small corner of your patio or a large structure that can house your collection of tools and a worktable. Their selection runs from the compact and economical Basic and Ezislider models to the more specifically designed Regent and Highlander lines.

We occasionally get questions on the inclusions in every Absco product. So you’ll know what to expect when you order one from us, we’d like to let you in on what our satisfied customers get when they order an Absco shed.

The Shed Parts

Hi-tensile chromium-free steel sheets.

Of course, you’ll get a complete set of these for the walls and roof. The number of sheets varies, depending on the model. All sheets are labelled and have rolled edges for safety. The steel material is either Colorbond or Zincalume.

Perimeter channels.

They’re those bars that lock on the edges of the steel sheets. Each has pre-punched holes for the screws.

Screws and safety screw caps.

You’ll find that you need 75% less number of screws than what most sheds require. This is one of the chief advantages of Absco Sheds SNAPTiTE system – easier to assemble.


Absco’s doors have diagonal braces for extra strength against wind. Also included are door plates and pad bolts.

Note that each part is marked with numbers, which also appear in the illustrations in the instruction manual for fast and easy reference when building the shed.

Optional Items

Absco-Approved Timber Flooring Kit.

While an Absco Shed doesn’t automatically include a floor, you can order a timber flooring kit with your shed. The number of packs you’ll need will depend on the size of your shed. This optional item comes with its own 10-year warranty. Know more about our Timber Flooring Kit for Absco Sheds.

Absco-Approved Anchor Set.

A concrete slab is the recommended shed flooring for all sheds and ensures your warranty is not void. While we do not offer materials or installation of concrete flooring, we do have Anchor Sets to hold your Absco shed permanently to the concrete slab. You can order it together with your garden shed. See more about Anchor Sets for Absco Sheds.

Other Accessories.

Simply Sheds also offer Sliding Perspex Windows, Skylight sheets and more add-ons made to upgrade selected Garden Shed models.

Installation Assistance.

While we want to make everything simple and easy for you, we aren’t a construction company, so we cannot put up the shed for you. However, we can help you by recommending professional installers. Also, we can assist you with DIY plans and videos. Please call us at 1300 66 77 48 or email customerservice@simplysheds.com.au.


Just how well-made are Absco’s garden sheds? The manufacturers are confident enough that each comes with a multiple-year written warranty against rust and corrosion - 20-year warranty for Eco Sheds, and a lifetime warranty for all other sheds. Every product uses materials that meet or even surpass Australian standards of excellence.

These are what you’ll get when you order from our Absco Sheds category. Our recent customers have been buying from our Eco Range, which features Absco’s Eco Sheds. They’re made of materials with lower environmental impact than you regular steel shed. It even comes in 100% recyclable packaging. Check out all our available eco-friendly Absco garden sheds today!