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Why Steel Sheds?

We have got a huge selection of Steel Sheds here at Simply Sheds. Read on to know why they are in demand.

While wood and bricks have been the popular materials for outhouses, summerhouses, barns and such outdoor structures years and years ago, steel has become the choice of modern builders and homeowners for sheds, garages and other backyard buildings. If you are wondering why, we are giving you three of the major reasons for its popularity.

They are durable yet uncomplicated.

To make metal structures last long, it requires less maintenance than timber. It also doesn’t crack, splinter or rot easily. Steel is just naturally resistant to pests and rotting.

In addition to this, our steel sheds at Simply Sheds are made of high-quality materials like Colorbond and Zincalume, among others. These brands are known for using a special coating that provides their steel sheets with resistance to corrosion, dirt marks and harmful effects of direct sunlight, among others.

Of course, steel sheets are also lighter in weight – thus, easier to put up than timber or even bricks. And if you are choosing our steel sheds, you’ll be assured that they’re all measured and ready for assembly. Especially with the Absco Sheds, which uses the SNAPTiTE System, you’ll just need to join the walls with steel channels.

On top of all these, our steel sheds are made to last Australia’s tough weather conditions. Most of them are engineered to withstand certain levels of high winds.

They are easy to maintain.

Steel buildings generally don’t need meticulous maintenance procedures. Occasional hosing down will do the work. Especially if you’ve got one of our metal sheds, you won’t need to repaint them or do major refurbishing. Our sheds made of Colorbond, for instance, are painted using a baking process so it won’t easily fade or chip.

They cost less.

Steel generally costs less than timber and other usual shed materials. And we’re talking about from buying to maintenance.

Since the material itself is priced lower than the others, the shed kit is also inexpensive. Then for the installation, you will not need any professional assistance. Everything is pre-cut and even punched with holes for the screws. Lastly, you will not need to buy any paint, wood stain or other chemicals to keep it clean and pest-free.

And as mentioned above, we do have a wide selection of steel sheds. Not just Garden Sheds, but also Garages, Patio Awnings and even Aviaries for you to choose from. So browse now and you’ll surely find what you need for your backyard.